Podcast Ep 314 - How our Phones are Killing our Creativity

In this episode of the Flourish Academy podcast, Heather Lahtinen talks about the paradox of modern existence: our constant quest for happiness amidst the very distractions that make us miserable. Drawing from the insights of Dr. Anna Lembke's book "Dopamine: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence," Heather discusses the detrimental effects of digital overindulgence and the importance of reclaiming our mental space from the clutches of technology. 

Heather challenges listeners to break free from the cycle of constant stimulation and embrace moments of boredom as opportunities for self-discovery and creativity. Tune it for practical tips, from removing social media apps to embracing grayscale screens, to foster a healthier relationship with technology and cultivate a more intentional, fulfilling life.

Show Notes:

  • Addressing sources of discontent.
  • Detrimental effects of digital overindulgence.
  • Emphasizes reclaiming mental space and embracing boredom for creativity.
  • Practical tips for tech balance.
  • Mindful disconnection and reconnection.

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