the founder and visionary behind the Flourish Academy where we believe anyone can create a thriving photography business.

I really had no idea that life could be this amazing...

I love taking photos. I love preserving memories (we lose our loved ones way too soon). But I never thought about a business. I just started charging my friends so that I could buy more gear (hello $3,000 lenses). In fact, I created a business to justify my hobby. And then it exploded: I made $100k+ from photography and I couldn't believe it.


Here's the crazy thing: I believe it's possible for you, too. If you love photography, why not turn it into a business with unlimited potential? I believe you can structure you business and you life in a way that makes you pinch yourself every morning, asking, "is this really my life?"

My story really began after I arrived at a wedding only to discover that I was the photographer.

It was May of 2003, I had a new baby and a full-time corporate job working as project manager at an engineering firm (PSU - mechanical engineering). We arrived at my cousin's outdoor, low-key wedding and they asked if I would take a few photos. I had my point and shoot Cannon Powershot G3 and a can-do attitude.

I shot 3 weddings that year, and 30 the next. This forced me to leave my full-time job and pursue entrepreneurship without a single clue what I was doing.

Passionate about helping others

Because I was able to leave my job, pursue my dream, love my family AND make 6-figures, I decided that anyone who loved photography should be able to do the same. I have dedicated my life to helping others achieve their wildest dreams

Community First


I've always loved to share what I'm learning.

I started our local Camera Club over a decade ago to reach more photographers in the community. I've also partnered with YM Camera (our local camera shop) to provide education.

I teach at our local community college for outreach because I believe the world needs more photographers.

I wanted to create something different.

Within the first few years of staring my business I was rejected by a group of veteran photographers in my area. I never forgot how that felt. They told me that I didn't "get it," and there would never be room for someone like me.

I decided that if I ever figured out this photography thing, I would share it with as many people as possible, and I would NEVER make anyone feel like they weren't included.

I'm on a mission

The Flourish Academy was founded with the mission statement of Intentional Inclusion:

Inviting people into opportunities that they wouldn't otherwise have.

I believe that anyone that loves photographer can build a business of their dreams, and I'm going to make sure that happens.

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

I'm all about

Supporting photographers and helping them build a thriving photography business to support their dreams. 

I'm not about

Competition, comparison or lacking belief in one's ability to change the world with their photos. 


Here's how I can help

At the FA, we created an incredible library of resources to help you master your craft and grow your business. We work with hobbyists, aspiring professionals and full-time professionals.