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My Wildest Dream Came True: I am a Photographer for the University of Michigan

I am a founding member of the Flourish Academy Elevate program and can honestly say it has changed my life! I "elevated" from a burned-out health care worker with a photography hobby to a professional, fully credentialed sports photographer at the University of Michigan and a sought after sports and senior photographer in my community...all in only one year! The multi-faceted business knowledge we are afforded, the personal growth that is facilitated, and the support from other members we receive are all reasons I was able to retire from my health care career and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of operating my own successful photography business.

My previously mundane life has been replaced with exciting new opportunities that would not have been possible without Heather, the FA Elevate coaches, and my fellow photographers.

I can't imagine my life without it. You won't regret "elevating" with us!
- Dianna Oatridge

Discover how to build a legitimate photography business that actually gets you paid. 


Elevate Changed My Life & Business

I joined Elevate in April 2020. I just looked at my Q1 numbers compared to Q1 last year, and I am up 4 x's my income last year. The lessons you learn in this group are life-changing and translate to more $$ for you and your business.
It is worth every ounce of the investment you make.
- April Ohl

I Tripled My Sales During the Pandemic and Wouldn't be Here Without Elevate

My knowledge and confidence grew tremendously by participating in the Flourish Academy Members Group and the Elevate Program. If you want to build your business, gain a ton of knowledge, boost your confidence and have a close knit group of people rooting for you and you for them, JOIN TODAY!! We love supporting each other. It is a game changer for sure!
- Kim Kracun

This is a bigger game, and we can't play it alone.

We want to help you create a breakthrough in your business and this program is strategically designed to support your path forward. This 6 month experience will help you to get more clients and make more money.

Would you like to see inside of Elevate?

Whether you are just starting your photography business, of you've been in business for several years, this program offers you that ability to grow at your own pace.


Success Guide: A Step-by-Step Approach to Eliminate Overwhelm

Yes, starting and running a business is overwhelming! How in the world do you even know where to start?

That's why we created a 6 month plan with multiple check-lists to help you navigate your business growth.

This guide, combined with the support from your coaches and fellow Elevators will inspire you to take action and move forward.



The Elevate Program was designed to help photographers grow their business by getting more clients and making more money. The goal is to design a lifestyle business that works for you while also eliminating overwhelm.

The Elevate Program is a 6 month group coaching experience.

The promise is that we will work together to define, and reach your business goals. Enrollment opens twice a year.

The Elevate Program is application only and spots are limited.

To provide the best experience, it's important to keep the group focused and aligned. Members must apply and be accepted to join. Enrollment is limited.




Four Monthly Strategy & Alignment Calls

Each of our Elevate coaches will host a monthly coaching call in which they will share a little of what's working for them and then we open the call up for hot seats.  This is your chance to dig in deep with what you need support and guidance on in your business.  The best part?  Since these are group calls, often someone has a question that you didn't realize that you had too!


Goal Setting & Follow-up

With help from the coaches, we will help you to set your goals and stay focused.  We will cut through the clutter and help you laser focus on the activities that are going to transform your business. 


Elevate Private Facebook Group

Part of the magic of this program will be the community that we create.  Members host weekly "Elevate Exchange" meetings to connect and colloborate.  We will support and celebrate each other.  We will be your business family.




Heather Lahtinen

Heather is a professional wedding and portrait photographer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the founder of the award-winning Weddings by Heather and the Flourish Academy, and has been a professional photographer and instructor for 16 years. She holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business, but left her corporate position to pursue her passion for photography.

She has vast experience and knowledge that spans more than just the technical aspects of photography, she is also a business coach and trusted mentor in the industry.

Heather is driven by an overwhelming desire to see others succeed and, as a result, her workshops do more than just instruct, they inspire.

Jessica Wasik

Jessica Wasik is a professional pet photographer focused on celebrating the joy and love between Pittsburgh pets and their people. She has been featured in Pawsh Magazine, on Daily Dog Tag, and recognized among the leading pet photographers in Pittsburgh. In addition to capturing pets through playful portraits, high-energy action shots, and small moments in time, Jessica also gives back through her annual pet calendar contest which has welcomed hundreds of entries and raised more than $15,000 for Pittsburgh's local rescues and non-profits.

Jessica's business soared because of her business acumen, and she can't wait to help you feel confident with your pricing and business workflow.

Amy Tedrow

Amy is a small business and branding photographer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who also happens to love creative writing and is a bit of a techie nerd.  With 14+ years of experience as a Technical Writer and a degree in Information Systems Management, she has a wealth of knowledge from content management, website design, social media strategies and so much more. Amy left her corporate career two years ago to pursue her dreams of being a photographer and entrepreneur with the added bonus of spending more time with her family. She is enjoying every moment of it! 

When she is not out and about with a camera, she is passionate about coming alongside small businesses and non-profit organizations to help them tell their story through photography, social media strategies and creative website design. 

Her super-power is her ability to help you finally get your website up and running.

Which of these Results Inspire You the Most?

Investment Options

There is a $299 deposit to apply for the Elevate Program. If you are selected, it is applied to your payments. If you are not selected, or the program fills, the $299 deposit is refunded. You can change your payment plan once you are accepted.

Monthly for 6 Months



Strategy Calls

Private Facebook Group

Goal Setting Accountability

All of the Courses Offered Through the FA Membership


6 Months



Strategy Calls

Private Facebook Group

Goal Setting Accountability

All of the Courses Offered Through the FA Membership





Includes everything listed for Elevate, along with:
- Weekly one-on-one Zoom calls with Heather
- Direct, personal Voxer access

As a business professional and certified life coach, Heather will ensure that you are never stuck, not even for a moment. She will work with you directly to grow your business in a one-on-one fashion and you will succeed.


Let's chat!

If you still have questions, I’d love to hear from you. Send me a message and let me know your challenges and how I might be able to help. You can also email me directly.


Email: [email protected]

Still have questions?

Who is right for the Elevate Program?

This program is not for everyone. Here are a few qualifications and characteristics to help you determine if you may be a right fit:

  • Photographers that have already started making money in their business.
  • Ready to invest time in learning and growing.
  • Motivated to take action.
  • Willing to be open and coachable. 

Still not sure?

I would love to jump on a quick Zoom call with you to determine whether or not you are a good fit.



Frequently Asked Questions

The Elevate program is a 6 month program and runs twice a year. By joining, you are committing to six months.

You either need to have an established business or be actively working to create one. How much money you are earning is irrelevant. You only need the desire to learn and grow.

If you are already in the FA Membership, your payments will be cancelled while you are in the Elevate Program.

You need to be charging money for your photography. Who defines "professional" anyway?

No. It is entirely up to you if you wish to join the Facebook group or not. However, if you do you’ll find this group to be a great place to generate ideas and find accountability.

In month 6, you will be given the option to:

  • Continue into the next quarter with the Elevate program.
  • Remain only in the FA Membership.
  • Leave both the Elevate Program and the FA Membership.

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