Would you like to get more clients and make more money but you aren’t sure where to start?

  • Get the step-by-step guide that you need to build your dream photography business based on your specific goals.

Do you want to make money from your photography but feel overwhelmed with everything you need to learn?

  • Our Elevate team will walk alongside you while you work towards building your thriving photography business.

With results like this:

“I had to raise my prices AGAIN simply because I’m getting too many clients.”

“My Wildest Dream Came True: I left my corporate job and now have a thriving photography business. I’ve never felt so fulfilled.”

“My sales have increased FOUR TIMES what they were last year”

It’s no wonder our students love our unique approach to growing your business.

Running a Business Can be Overwhelming, Lonely, and Challenging

Especially when you are trying to figure it all out on your own, doubting whether you are even working on the right things.

Not to mention trying to balance running a business and juggling a family and probably a million other responsibilities.

Establishing and growing a business is no joke… Pricing, Website, Marketing, Taxes, Bookkeeping, Work/Life Balance?!?!

It can be so confusing and frustrating to try to do everything yourself!

Way too much of your time gets wasted searching the internet, reading blogs, watching YouTube videos hoping to find that missing piece to YOUR puzzle.

But what works for one photographer, might not work for another.

Let me ask you… which of these applies to you?


▶︎ You love to take photos, but you are afraid to share them.

▶︎ You constantly feel like you need to learn just one more thing before you are ready to move forward with photography.

▶︎ You don't know EVERYTHING (or maybe anything) about setting up a business and you feel overwhelmed with everything there is to learn.

▶︎ You feel like a fraud because you never went to photography school.

▶︎ You get paralyzed by the fear of judgment that comes with self-doubt about whether or not your photos are good enough to justify a business.

Don’t Feel Bad, It Isn’t Your Fault

Most of those feelings are the result of comparison based on what you are seeing on social media.

But… are you going to let that dreaded comparison stop you from pursuing your passion?

The FA Elevate Program Isn't Like Most Photography Business Education Sites

You will learn everything you need to legally establish your business.

You will have the support of an encouraging and positive group of photographers.

You’ll gain confidence with your pricing.

You'll understand what it really takes to get more clients and market your business.

You will learn more about the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

You will embrace our mantra that anything is possible!

Our approach is simple and straightforward.

You do not have to:

  • Waste countless hours searching YouTube.
  • Stay up until 1am posting on social media hoping to get clients.
  • Worry if your pricing is right.
  • Filter through hundreds of photography courses trying to determine what’s right for you.


There is a program with a library of resources created JUST FOR YOU…


I spent almost two decades teaching photographers and helping them to improve their photos, learn the most important aspects of editing, and start (or grow!) their business.


And all of this I wanted to make accessible to you.

You can finally get the answers you need:


- How to I legally establish my business?

- What makes me a professional photographer?

- Where are the clients?

- How do I get people to pay me?

- Do I need website AND a blog?

- What’s the deal with social media?



The Flourish Academy Elevate Program

A 6-month program for photographers who want to leave fear behind and unapologetically chase their dreams with the clarity and certainty to make it happen.

Elevate is your step-by-step guide to creating a thriving photography business that you love while living your best life.


A program created to help you build a better business and design a better life.

  • 40+ Hours of Video Education
  • 6 month Success Workbook with Detailed Checklists
  • Strategy Calls
  • Lifelines with Professional Photography Coaches
  • Challenges
  • Private Group on Social Media
  • Business Legalities
  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Branding and much more!

The Elevate Program is application only and spots are limited.

To provide the best experience, it's important to keep the group focused and aligned. Members must apply and be accepted to join. Enrollment is limited.

The Elevate Program is a 6-month group coaching experience.

The promise is that we will work together to define and reach your business goals. Enrollment opens twice a year.

Have we met?

Hi! I’m Heather, founder of the Flourish Academy! I founded the FA because I believe in community and supporting photographers above all else. Not only do I believe that there is room for everyone, I know that the world needs your gift… the photos that only you can take. I wanted to create a safe, positive and encouraging place for photographers to learn and grow.

I remember being rejected by others in our industry when I started my business over 17 years ago. And I never forgot how that felt. I was excluded and led to believe that there wasn’t a place for me.

As a result, I was on a mission to prove that we could create something different, a world where photographers of ALL levels are welcomed and encouraged to pursue their passion.

There is room for you. YOU BELONG HERE.



Jessica Wasik is a professional pet photographer focused on celebrating the joy and love between Pittsburgh pets and their people. She has been featured in Pawsh Magazine, on Daily Dog Tag, and recognized among the leading pet photographers in Pittsburgh. In addition to capturing pets through playful portraits, high-energy action shots, and small moments in time, Jessica also gives back through her annual pet calendar contest which has welcomed hundreds of entries and raised more than $15,000 for Pittsburgh's local rescues and non-profits.

Jessica's business soared because of her business acumen, and she can't wait to help you feel confident with your pricing and business workflow.


Amy is a small business and branding photographer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who also happens to love creative writing and is a bit of a techie nerd. With 14+ years of experience as a Technical Writer and a degree in Information Systems Management, she has a wealth of knowledge from content management, website design, social media strategies and so much more. Amy left her corporate career two years ago to pursue her dream of being a photographer and entrepreneur with the added bonus of spending more time with her family. She is enjoying every moment of it!

When she is not out and about with a camera, she is passionate about coming alongside small businesses and non-profit organizations to help them tell their story through photography, social media strategies, and creative website designs.

Her superpower is her ability to help you finally get your website up and running.


Our Elevators are Thrilled!

This is just a small sample of the #wins we celebrate on a weekly basis. What would a breakthrough look like for you?


This is what's waiting for you inside when you join us…


Elevate Study Guide

The Elevate Study Guide is a 6-month success path that provides with you detailed checklists to make sure you are setting up your business properly.

 New in business?

Just follow along with the guide and at the end of six months, you’ll feel great about your business.

 Already in business?

Scan through the study guide and make sure you check everything off. If you find something that needs to be improved, you’ll also find the resources that you need.


Business Foundations

The business checklist will help you understand how to:

  • Track finances.
  • Hire an accountant (when appropriate).
  • Select a legal entity.
  • Establish contracts.
  • Purchase insurance.

You will learn how to build your business based on your lifestyle and values using our specialized training and our Business Dashboard.


Deep Dive into Pricing

Because pricing is one of the most important factors of creating a profitable business, we have created resources to support you. This is in addition to our pricing courses that you have access to through the FA Membership.

  • The Psychology of Pricing
  • Pricing for Profitable Mini Sessions
  • Pricing for Value
  • Pricing Collections
  • Overcoming Common Client Objections
  • Establishing & Achieving Your Desired Sales Minimum per Client
  • Enhancing Sales with Products and Irresistible Incentives
  • Small Ways You are Sabotaging Big Sales
  • Navigating Virtual IPS Appointments



You can't have a business without clients! Marketing is one of the most important components of a thriving photography business.

  • 19 Ways to Market Your Business
  • Getting Started with Email Marketing
  • Creating a Compelling Offer
  • 21 Blog Content Ideas
  • Improving your SEO
  • When/How Clients Decide to Hire You
  • Types of Marketing + Ideal Client Worksheet
  • Standing out in Your Market
  • The Most Important Components of your Website


Breakthrough Resources

We’ve created several mini-training courses for you to expand your thinking in your business.

 You'll Discover...
  • What’s really holding back your growth.
  • How to develop resilience as an entrepreneur.
  • Developing creative solutions to business challenges.


Regular Strategy & Alignment Calls

With 4 calls a month, support is always just a few days away!

If you are like most photographers, it can be easy to avoid the hard stuff. Maybe you have a specific question, or maybe you just feel stuck or overwhelmed… either way, we are here to help.

We believe that action leads to clarity and Elevate is about action and follow-through. Progress. We want to make sure you are getting the help you need to keep moving forward.


The Elevate Community

This application-based program is for people who mean business. We only accept people willing to take imperfect action. People with an open-mind. People willing to take radical responsibility for their business and their life.

Once you join Elevate, you’ll be invited into our private group where we will support each other a celebrate our victories, large or small.

You'll exchange ideas, and solicit feedback. You’ll challenge beliefs, test actions, and find solutions.

You’ll feel encouraged, supported, and inspired to create your dream business and life.

“This sounds great, and I’d love to work on my photography business, but I just don’t have the time.

How much time would I need to dedicate to Elevate?”

We recently posed this question to our Elevators…

"For those of you that consider yourselves busy and leading a full life, what would you say to someone who is interested in Elevate but concerned about the time commitment?"

"It vastly improved my time management"

"You can consume content at your own pace."

"You make time for what you value."

"I'm not able to hop on every call we have, but the ones I do make are packed with enough breakthroughs for at least a month."

"It's possible! You have time! Create a plan!! I work a corporate job and still make time for elevate. You can hop on when you can, go at your own pace and the group is there for you when you need them. I will also say that many of your exercises, and talks have helped not only photography business life but personal and work life too. By becoming more confident in my ability to put myself out there for photography - a very vulnerable thing - it helped me be more confident in myself in my day-to-day life. Many things taught in elevate is also helping me through an unexpected life crisis!"

"I've been a member of Elevate since its inception in January. This quarter has been challenging. I've been very busy with sessions and life, but knowing that I have lessons, calls, and people with the same goals and mindset at my fingertips makes a world of difference. I catch up on calls and lessons when I am making dinner, taking the dog for a walk, and driving in the car. Elevate has not only helped me with my business (in ways I can't even count), but it has made a huge impact in my personal life. I am a better Christian, wife, mom, and friend too. Elevate molds you into a balanced, well-rounded person that can handle business and life."

The core beliefs of the Flourish Academy

  • There is room for everyone.
  • Market saturation is a myth, the world needs your photos.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve been photographing for years, or you picked up your camera kit yesterday at Costco: YOU BELONG HERE.
  • Learning new and challenging skills (hello business) can be fun and easy.
  • We believe in community and foster the giving spirit with our members

“This is great, Heather! … but what if I haven’t started my business yet?!”

You might be saying, “I understand this is important, but I haven’t even started my business yet. Shouldn’t I do that first? 


We don’t think so!


Building a business can be confusing. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone (or several someone, actually) on your team helping you take the right actions?

If you don’t build your business with intention from the start, it won’t take you long to discover that you are working for very little money. Or that you can’t figure out how to get more clients. Or you have no clue how to set up a system to track money or anything else for that matter.

Wouldn’t it be easier to set up your business in a way that works for you from the beginning?


Yes, we think so, too.

Are you ready to establish and grow your business?

You’re here because you love photography, and you are reading this because you are ready to make money from your passion.

What would it be worth to improve how you learn everything you need to know quickly and easily without wasting weeks (years!) searching for the right videos?

Working with established professional photographers will give you the confidence that you need because you will know you are learning the right things at the right time.


I just can't afford it right now, I’m not even making money with my photography.


That’s great because we can focus on getting you clients as quickly as possible!

Did you ever consider that investing in your business is what needs to happen in order to grow your business?

When you invest in Elevate, you will be inclined to work harder on your business to get clients SO THAT you can pay for Elevate. See how that works?


If you book one, JUST ONE extra client per month, Elevate will pay for itself. Imagine what you can accomplish?


What you will learn in Elevate will continue to build on itself and compound as your business grows


Quadrupled her sales in the first quarter compared to last year


Just had her largest IPS sales-to-date and shoots for the University of Michigan


Tripled her sales in 2020 (pandemic!), launched a senior team and started a project to address teen mental health

Investment Options

There is a $299 deposit to apply for the Elevate Program. If you are selected, it is applied to your payments. If you are not selected, or the program fills, the $299 deposit is refunded. You can change your payment plan once you are accepted.

Monthly for 6 Months


Per Month

  • Strategy Calls
  • Rapid Response Support
  • Goal Setting Accountability
  • All of the Courses Offered Through the FA Membership

6 Months


One Payment

Save $300 (One Month FREE)
  • Strategy Calls
  • Rapid Response Support
  • Goal Setting Accountability
  • All of the Courses Offered Through the FA Membership


Add +$200

Per Month

Includes everything listed for Elevate, along with:
  • Direct Personal Voxer Access

As a business professional and certified life coach, Heather will ensure that you will never get stuck, not even for a moment. She will work with you directly to grow your business in a one-on-one fashion and you will succeed.

APPLY - Only 5 Spots


Test-Drive The Program For 30 Days.

When you enroll, you'll have 30 days to go through EVERYTHING inside the program, and if for whatever reason... and I mean any reason... if you don't feel like this was the best investment you've made in growing your business, simply email us and we'll gladly refund your entire investment.

We know that you LOVE photography.

In addition to growing your business, we also want to help you improve your photography skills and master your editing.

As an Elevate member, you get free access to ALL of the courses included with the Flourish Academy Membership!

Learning the Exposure Triangle

($99 Value)

Getting Sharp Photos

($79 Value)

Complete Lightroom Training

($397 Value)

Photoshop for Photographers

($397 Value)

Senior Posing

($299 Value)

Newborn Posing

($299 Value)

Posing the Bride and Groom

($349 Value)

Pet Photography with Nicole Begley

($299 Value)

Family Posing

($299 Value)

Pricing for Profitability

($497 Value)

In-Person Sales 101

($299 Value)

Website Creation

($179 Value)

SEO for Photographers

($149 Value)

Goal Setting & Time Management for Creatives

($397 Value)

Getting Started with Social Media Ads

($99 Value)

Over $5,000 worth of BONUS content for free!



In addition to the monthly strategy calls, you get 4 lifeline calls to be used with either Heather or Jessica when you need them. Perfect for when you REALLY need help, but can't make one of the regular calls - or if you just want 1:1 support with your biggest challenge.


FA Mobile

Use our convenient app to learn on the go! All of our course videos, along with our coaching calls and live critiques can be easily accessed on our app.


Rapid Response Support

Get your questions answered quickly in our safe, fun, and encouraging group. Our goal is to foster connections and collaborations.



In addition to the monthly strategy calls, you get 4 lifeline calls to be used with either Heather or Jessica when you need them. Perfect for when you REALLY need help, but can't make one of the regular calls - or if you just want 1:1 support with your biggest challenge.


FA Mobile

Use our convenient app to learn on the go! All of our course videos, along with our coaching calls and live critiques can be easily accessed on our app.


Private Facebook Group

Get your questions answered quickly in our safe, fun, and encouraging FB group.

Let’s Recap!

When you join Elevate, not only will you be able to start joining our calls immediately, but you’ll also have access to everything inside the Elevate program. Including…

  Elevate Study Guide with detailed worksheets and checklists.

 Business, Marketing and Pricing Training

  Weekly Coaching Calls

  The Community

  Breakthrough Resources

  1:1 Lifeline Calls

  Complimentary FA Membership Access

And much more!

Enroll in ELEVATE today!

All this for only $299/mo

or pay in full and get one month free



You could do nothing.

Ignore your dream and wonder what you could have done. Remain overwhelmed, confused and stuck.

Or you could choose your dream..

Take the simple and straightforward path to move forward using proven strategies.

If you are ready to feel confident calling yourself a professional photographer, now is your chance. Click the link below.


I am committed to your growth and deeply invested in your success.

Maybe you aren’t sure if you are ready for Elevate, or you are wondering whether it will work for you.

I’d love to spend 15 minutes chatting with you about where you are at with your photography.

Who is right for the Elevate Program?

This program is not for everyone. Here are a few qualifications and characteristics to help you determine if you may be a right fit:

  • Photographers who are ready to start making money in their business.
  • Ready to invest time in learning and growing.
  • Motivated to take action.
  • Willing to be open and coachable. 

Still not sure?

I would love to jump on a quick Zoom call with you to determine whether or not you are a good fit.


Need more clarity? Check out our FAQ’s


If you still have questions, I’d love to hear from you.

Send me a message and let me know your challenges and how I might be able to help. You can also email me directly.


Email: [email protected]

What is a Lifeline? How can I benefit?

A Lifeline is a 1:1 Zoom call where we can work together to:

Answer your questions.

Solve your specific challenges.

Determine your next steps.

Review your goals.

Eliminate overwhelm.

Take a sneak peek...

Check out these behind-the-scenes conversations. Shared with their permission, of course!

Charlotte Detienne Photography
G Ciccone Photography
Karen Doody Photography

Privacy Policy



Elevate Ambassador

Angela is available to help you navigate the Elevate content and help you get the most from the program.

Angela is a senior portrait and sports league photographer North of Pittsburgh, where she resides with her husband, their 4 children and an array of animals. She has molded her business through building dependable relationships with families and sports leagues. She firmly believes that her strong work ethic, clear communication, and positive attitude are what have contributed to her steady growth and success over the past 12 years of her photography career. Angela believes everyone can find the right way to run their business; through productivity, tenacity,  organization, and a clear workflow.

When Angela isn't running around at sessions or with her kids, she loves both to sing and teach vocals, and she thrives being outdoors in nature, whether jogging, working in her garden, or camping.