Podcast Ep 311 - Unveiling Success: Beyond the Checklist

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In this episode of the Flourish Academy podcast, host Heather Lahtinen with her guest Michelle Crandall explore the common desire for a simple checklist to achieve success and the reality that success doesn't conform to a one-size-fits-all approach.

They talk about the notion of following predetermined formulas and emphasize the importance of individualized plans and mindset shifts. Through personal anecdotes and coaching insights, they encourage listeners to embrace the process of trial, error, and personal growth.

Show Notes:

  • The allure of a checklist for success and its limitations.
  • Exploration of individualized approaches to success and the role of mindset.
  • The importance of commitment to the process and willingness to adapt.
  • Actionable advice for photographers looking to enhance their skills and build successful careers.

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Heather Lahtinen: WebsiteFacebookInstagram
Michelle Crandallhttps://www.petsinfocusphoto.com/

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