Podcast Ep 304 - Business Values with Annemie Tonken

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In this episode, host Heather Lahtinen talks with Annemie Tonken, an experienced family photographer from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, about simplifying photography businesses. Annemie, with 14 years of experience, shares valuable insights into setting clear goals, establishing a framework for your business, and embracing entrepreneurship.

We'll explore the significance of alignment, defining priorities, and building a successful business in today's market. We'll also discuss the three main types of photography business models: the unicorn, the workhorse, and the donkey.

Show Notes:

  • Annemie Tonken and her journey as a family photographer.
  • Her mantra: "This can't be that hard" and its significance in simplifying business.
  • Insights on defining priorities, differentiating yourself in a saturated market, and aligning preferences for business success.
  • Tips for photographers to determine their ideal business model based on personal preferences and market demands.
  • The importance of pricing, products, and policies in shaping business strategy.
  • Practical advice for photographers seeking to thrive in a competitive market.

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