Podcast Ep 295 - Pain = Life

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Pain = Life

In this episode, Heather Lahtinen shares her personal experiences of physical and emotional pain, offering insights into the profound lessons learned along the way. Explore the idea that pain serves as a teacher, revealing what truly matters in life and connecting us through our shared human experiences. Discover how embracing pain can lead to personal growth, resilience, and a deeper connection with others.


Show Notes:

  •  Heather reflects on her recent experience with pain, both physical and emotional.
  •  She shares a thought-provoking article by best-selling ghostwriter Holly Crosshaw about the significance of pain.
  •  The episode explores the concept that pain is proof of life, highlighting its role as a teacher and connector.
  •  Heather encourages listeners to view pain as an opportunity for growth and to appreciate the shared human experience.
  •  The importance of embracing downtime and dependence on others as valuable lessons is discussed.
  •  Heather expresses gratitude for life's experiences, even the painful ones, as they contribute to personal wisdom and growth.

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