Podcast Ep 287 - The Mindset of a 6-Figure Photographer: Interview with Karen Bartos

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Join Heather Lahtinen in a powerful conversation with her longtime mentoring and coaching client, Karen Bartos. In this episode, Karen shares her transformative journey—from starting with family photography at $99 a session to becoming one of the most sought-after senior photographers in her area.

Discover how Karen navigated a significant pivot in her photography business and the mindset shifts that propelled her forward. This episode is filled with insights on breaking through limiting beliefs, achieving more than imagined, and embracing the mindset for success.

Show Notes:

  • Karen's decade-long journey of growth, challenges, and achievements.
  • Karen's significant pivot in her photography business.
  • Insights into mindset shifts, breakthroughs, and achieving more than imagined.
  • Heather and Karen discuss the power of coaching and mentoring.

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Karen Bartos: https://bestpittsburghboudoir.com/

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