Podcast Ep 286 - Managing Anxiety Part 6 - Do you take things personally?

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In this episode of the Flourish Academy podcast, host Heather Lahtinen dives into the topic of anxiety and continues the discussion on cognitive distortions, focusing specifically on "personalization." Heather shares insights on how personalization can affect individuals, particularly those prone to anxious thoughts.

Discover strategies to overcome personalization, including gaining awareness, checking your control over situations, and understanding your level of responsibility for others' feelings. 

Show Notes:

  • How personalization can lead to self-blame, guilt, and strained relationships.
  • Strategies for overcoming personalization, including checking control and responsibility.
  • The role of thoughts and emotions in personalization.
  • Encouragement to practice self-compassion and seek professional guidance.
  • Heather's personal experiences and insights.
  • The transformative power of coaching.
  • A reminder that breaking free from cognitive distortions is possible and can lead to a happier, healthier life.

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