Podcast Ep 284 - Listen to a real client describe how she transformed her anxiety.

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In this podcast episode, we explore the transformative power of mindset in both business and life. Our special guest, Michelle Crandall from Pets in Focus Photography in Michigan, shares her personal journey of overcoming self-imposed barriers to create a thriving photography business. Michelle's story serves as a testament to the incredible impact of shifting one's mindset and breaking free from social anxiety.

Show Notes:

  • Recognizing the importance of connecting with clients and building relationships.
  • The realization that self-doubt and social anxiety were holding her back.
  • Michelle's decision to seek one-on-one coaching to address mindset challenges.
  • The breakthroughs and transformations she experienced along the way.
  • How Michelle's journey can inspire others to confront their own fears and embrace growth.
  • Practical tips for pushing through discomfort and creating a successful business.

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Heather Lahtinen: WebsiteFacebookInstagram
Michelle Crandall: https://www.petsinfocusphoto.com/

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