Biz coaching + strategy for  

It's time for your transformation because you know that you were made for so much more. Let's create the life and business of your dreams together. Eliminate overthinking and overwhelm and unlock unlimited possibilities.

Biz coaching + strategy for  

It's time for your transformation because YOU KNOW that you were made for so much more. Let's create the life and business of your dreams together. Eliminate overthinking and overwhelm and unlock unlimited possibilities.

Which of these apply to you?

  • You know that you are made for more, but what?
  • You have mastered the skill of overthinking. Which is really just the art of creating problems where they don't exist, but you don't know how to break the habit.
  • You feel like a fraud because who are you to pursue your dreams?
  • You get paralyzed by the fear of judgment that comes with self-doubt about whether or not you deserve a better life. What will "they" say?

Ann Wagaman

I have worked with a variety of coaches and Heather sets herself apart from the rest of the pack. Her commitment, dedication, passion, and support are second to none. She has guided me by quieting my mind and helping me organize my many thoughts into productive goals.

What I love most is that Heather doesn’t tell me the solutions or give her advice, she told me I have the answers within me, and she was right. But, without her ability to ask those thought-provoking questions and her amazing insight, I’d still be stuck, spinning my wheels. She made me work for it, but it was worth it.

Nicole Begley

Anyone who says that a single sentence can't change your life has never worked with Heather.  She's like a magician, but instead of pulling rabbits out of hats, she pulls new thoughts out of our brains! I'm not even kidding, in just 20 minutes she helped me identify the root cause of a certain 'time poor' frustration that has plagued me for YEARS.  YEARS!!
In fact, after each and every session I have a new thought that I'm able to take and replace those sneaky limiting beliefs that periodically pop up in my life.  I feel like I've been let in on a secret that nobody else knows about - but I want to share it with you. So, if you're ready to make some serious changes in your life, Heather will help you make it happen. Trust me, you won't regret it!



Hi. I'm Heather.
Your number 1 fan & new business & mindset coach.

I am committed to your growth and deeply invested in your success.
The sooner we start working together to create a path forward, the sooner you will achieve your dreams.

My mission is to help you break through any thought patterns that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. Whether it’s help with taking your life or business to the next level, or just support with getting out of your own head, I’m ready to be your guide.

You may not even know what you need help with, or where to begin, but that’s where I thrive. It’s my job to help you determine who you are and what you want to live a truly fulfilled life.


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Investment Options

What would it be worth for you to make a significant change in your life? To finally be living your purpose and impacting your family and their future? Payment plans are available, please inquire with [email protected] for more details.

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The Core Beliefs of the FA

  • Anything is possible for you.
  • Everyone does their best with the resources they have.
  • You have everything you need for change.
  • Learning new and challenging skills to move your life forward can be fun and easy.
  • There are more options than you realize and there is always an alternative course of action available.
  • There's no such thing as failure or a bad decisions, only feedback that points you in a better direction.
Reaching their dreams ❤︎


Join these high-achievers to unlock your next level of success.

Jessica Wasik

I committed to private coaching knowing that an investment in myself is an investment in my business. Despite a knocked-it-out-of-the-park year, I deeply desired to up-level over the coming months and to reflect upon what that meant from a personal perspective and for my business. I crave accountability and appreciate Heather’s knack for helping me uncover and understand how the many facets of entrepreneurship and personal development go hand in hand. I knew this wasn’t going to be just another “do this, do that,” one size fits all coaching program, as she wholeheartedly cares about the success of her clients both professionally and personally and tailors her guidance to what it is that each truly needs.

Bark & Gold Photography

Allison Shamrell

I invested in coaching because I was ready to take my business to the next level. I had already experienced some success, but I wanted to overcome the plateaus that I'd hit after doing things by myself for so long. Heather asks me the right questions in order to see things differently, and I leave our calls feeling invigorated, and excited to do the work. 

Allison Shamrell Photography

Karen Bartos

Making a shift in my brand meant bigger goals. I needed massive action on all levels, especially my mindset, and that's why I sought out Heather and her 1:1 coaching. I knew she would challenge me and push me to become uncomfortable enough to make the changes I needed for a breakthrough in order to meet those bigger goals.

Luxe de Fleur

Heidi Adler

I invested in coaching with Heather because I was experiencing analysis paralysis in a huge way and needed some help getting unstuck and moving forward. I had so many ideas but not a lot of action and needed that push from a cheerleader who helped me understand how I was getting in my own way and create a path together for moving forward. This was the most valuable investment for myself personally and for my business. No looking back now! 

Heidi Adler Photography

Michelle Crandall

I found myself incredibly frustrated with my business: I had all the "official" boxes checked, but I could not gain any traction despite my best efforts. I knew it had to be a mindset issue, and there's no better person than Heather to help you figure out your own brain, so 1:1 coaching was the obvious next step. By trusting in Heather and her process, I learned to believe in myself, which decreased my self doubt dramatically and helped curb the analysis paralysis I experienced over nearly every decision. I can attest, both personally and professionally, that coaching was one of the best decisions I've made!

Pets in Focus

Janet Liu

I wanted coaching from Heather because I was in a rut and wanted help getting more money for my amazing work. After meeting Heather, I believed that unlocking my thoughts with Heather would unlock me and my business’s potential.

Janet Liu

Angela Schneider

I was ready to take my business to the next level and I knew I needed help.

Big White Dog Photography

Cheryl Hornbaker

I'm an adventure seeker -- a risk taker, an experimenter, and an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer. I've figured out how to wire a 3-way switch, how to sweat copper pipes, and I've even built IKEA furniture for money. I love a good challenge, and I'm usually willing to do the things that others are too afraid to do, like let this elephant hoist me up with its trunk.

However, surprisingly, I've discovered that I'm terrified of showing off my photography work and offering my services as a "professional" photographer.

My imposter syndrome is real. I really don't know why, so that's why I've hired Heather.

Sit Stay Smile

Connor Walberg

I reached out to Heather as someone who’s experienced the power of coaching in the past. I knew that I needed direction as I was in the midst of re-aligning my business and offers. Having someone (who isn’t my wife because I drive her crazy with business talk, haha!) who is able to question decisions that I’m making or offer input and guidance based in real (successful!) experience keeps me on track and confident in my direction. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey and Heather has been able to help me see further into why I think the way I think, and question why I believe some of the things that are holding me back.

Connor Walberg

Kristen Murray

I had just lost my soul dog of 14 years, Kona, and I was spiraling, lost both personally and professionally.

Having previously worked with Heather in a group coaching setting, I knew that her tough-love approach was just what I needed to fix my mindset and get me focused and back on track.

Kristen Murray Photography

Charlotte Detienne

Having already invested heavily in my education in the past, I knew that high-level coaching was the #1 way to accelerate my growth beyond $200k while navigating some changes in my business and life. Heather’s to-the-point, no-BS approach is just what I needed to help kickstart my pivot to coaching while keeping my successful photography business still running.

Charlotte Detienne

Leeann Golish

I operate a very successful wedding photography business, and just built a new studio. I sought out coaching because I'm ready to take my life and business to the next level.

Leeann Marie Photography

Stephanie Smith

My new pet photography business had all the framework in place, and I successfully turned my hobby into a profitable business. I knew there was room to grow, allowing me to serve more pet families and giving me the financial freedom I wanted, but I couldn’t put the pieces together to take that next big leap. I was stuck. I joined Elevate and quickly saw the path I needed to be on and three months into the program, I started 1:1 coaching with Heather. The results have been amazing, and I’ve never been more excited, motivated, and optimistic about my business. It has been a life-changer, both professionally and personally.

Stephanie Lynne Photography

Laura Wombwell

I sought out one-on-one coaching because it was time to leave my 9-5 job and focus solely on my own business. I knew that I’d need a little push and some guidance in making the shift, and knew that Heather would challenge my existing beliefs and challenge me to take action. Enrolling in her coaching was the cornerstone of major change for me both personally and professionally and I wouldn’t have made the leap without her personalized support.

Laura Wombwell

Michael Puck

I have been in a one-to-many and one-to-one coaching environment with Heather Lahtinen for eight months at this point. I realized from day one that Heather brings incredible talent and a genuine desire to help to every single interaction.

I absolutely love her direct style, and she is delivering it in a way that makes you laugh and think. Heather asks probing questions and hones in on the underlying issues vs. just trying to fix things on the surface as many others would do.

I can say without exaggeration that my life has changed forever because of Heather's wisdom and insights. What Heather delivers goes well beyond coaching, she becomes your ally, mentor, friend, and coach, and she doesn't settle until you get what you are after. No amount of money can buy what Heather delivers for her coaching clients.

If you are lucky enough to get an opportunity to work with Heather one-on-one, jump on the opportunity instantly. You will gain clarity like never before and accelerate towards your goals.

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