Create a Profitable Pricing Model for your Photography Business

This straightforward training will ensure that you understand the art and science of pricing to ensure your profitability.



Online access to 15 videos to give you a comprehensive understanding of photography pricing, models and strategy.

The Art of Pricing

We explore mindset and the how to add value to the client experience. We examine the many factors that influence pricing.

The Science of Pricing

Our simple and straightforward approach will help you easily understand the numbers. Cost of good sold? No problem!

Bonus Videos

From lab selection to creating your price sheet in Photoshop, these 6 bonus videos will make sure that you prepared with everything that you need!

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Here's What You'll Learn

By taking this course today, you'll gain an comprehensive view of pricing for profitability for your photography business.

First, you will learn the art and science of pricing. Using this information will help you formulate your own, unique approach to pricing. We explore the common questions, objections and pricing models.

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"All of my questions in regard to pricing have been answered! This course was phenomenal and beyond useful in regard to wanting to move from a shoot & burn photographer to one that offers in-person sales. I am so excited to see where my knowledge (and confidence) take my business! Heather, once again, knew exactly what I needed and wanted to know and delivered the answers flawlessly. I am so grateful for this course and the Flourish Academy."

Brittany Newcomb

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- 13 videos

- master the art and science of pricing

- learn the 4 different pricing models





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- everything that's included with the self study

- submit your price sheet for Heather to record a video screencast giving her suggestions and feedback





one-time payment

- everything that's included with the self study

- private 1-on-1 online consultation speaking directly with Heather on your pricing

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We offer a 7 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied after working your way through the course, please let us know.


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