Take Better Photos

Master your photographs by learning the components of exposure.


Because the world needs your photography. Every image is a legacy.


What You Will Learn

This course will equip you with the knowledge you need to master ISO, Shutter Speed and ISO. The quick, focused video tutorials will explain each setting and look at examples to help you understand how that particular setting impacts the photograph. There are 7 targeted videos to get you results as quickly as possible.


Because it's the future, current cameras can almost create light where it doesn't exist. Making your sensor more sensitive to light is the key.


Looking for sharp images? Understanding shutter speed will ensure sharp images without motion blur.


The difference between snapshots and professional looking photographers will be determined by how you use aperture.

“I feel like i could write a million things and go on for days about Heather and her classes and how they have literally changed my life. It sounds silly and exaggerated to say it that way, but it’s the truth. Not only did I learn the techniques and tools for my photography, but I also gained the confidence in knowing that I could consistently deliver high quality images to my clients.”
— Anne Wilmus

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All of the content is online and waiting for you.The best part? If you are confused by a specific topic, you can refer back to the videos at any time!

Meet the Instructor

Heather Lahtinen is a professional wedding and portrait photographer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the founder of the award winning Weddings by Heather and the Flourish Academy has been a professional photographer and instructor for 15 years. She holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business, but left her corporate position as a Project Manager to pursue her passion for photography.

Heather has photographed hundreds of weddings and her work can be seen in The Knot, Pittsburgh Weddings and Modern Bride. As an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, Heather has also been teaching and instructing photographers in both Lightroom and Photoshop. She has vast experience and knowledge that spans more than just the technical aspects of photography, she is also a business coach and trusted mentor in the industry.

Heather is driven by an overwhelming desire to see others succeed and, as a result, her workshops do more than just instruct, they inspire.


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